Keret House

LHI is a partner in projects that create new cultural and social values. As the main sponsor, we have been involved in the construction of Keret House – a unique artistic and architectural concept between the buildings at Żelazna 74 and Chłodna 22 streets in Warsaw. The project is located in a gap 92 cm wide at its narrowest point and 152 cm wide at its widest point.

Keret House is an art installation designed by Jakub Szczęsny, produced by the Polish Modern Art Foundation. The patron of the House is Etgar Keret, the Israeli writer of Polish origin. The project is curated by Sarmen Beglarian and Sylwia Szymaniak.

Since 2012, the Polish Modern Art Foundation has already hosted dozens of artists, writers and musicians at Keret House as part of their artistic residencies who have carried out cultural events in Warsaw. This unusual installation contributes to the cultural value of the city and is an undoubted attraction of the capital.